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Napoleons Casinos Combat Cardiac Arrest


With over 30,000* cases of cardiac arrest occurring outside of hospitals every year in the UK, defibrillators have the potential to save a lot of lives. Napoleons Casino chain have invested in five defibrillators to be located at each of their branches across the north of England, in Hull, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, and Manchester.

“Locating defibs at each of our branches means we can keep this lifesaving equipment maintained and fully charged, so it can do what it is designed to do in an emergency. Every defib is publicly available and locatable via the national defib database”. Linda Clark, Director at Napoleons Casinos.

Also known as an AED, automated external defibrillators are an emergency device used to deliver a high energy electric shock to restart the heart. Defibrillators guide first responders through the process of CPR and deliver shocks until an ambulance arrives.

Sandy Kopec General Manager Napoleons Casino Leeds

Sandy Kopec – General Manager at Napoleons Casino Leeds

“Our defib is fitted to the outside of the casino, ready to save lives. Napoleons Casino Leeds is located just outside the city centre, on an arterial route frequently used by the emergency services. This piece of kit won’t just be ready to help guests at the casino or passers-by, it will be ready to support paramedics whenever they need it.” Sandy Kopec, General Manager, Napoleons Casino Leeds.

Defibrillators are estimated to increase the chance of survival by 70% if used within 3 minutes of cardiac arrest. Survival rates increase to 90% if a defib is used within one minute. Sadly, the survival rate without a defibrillator is estimated at just 9%.

Chris Lunn Duty Manager Napoleons Casino Hull

Chris Lunn – Duty Manager at Napoleons Casino Hull

“Every minute after someone suffers a cardiac arrest, they lose 10% of their survival chance. Making more defibrillators available to the public can change lives so we’re proud to be part of the national defib network. This piece of kit will make all the difference in a medical emergency.” Chris Lunn, Duty Manager, Napoleons Casino Hull.

If your business or community has a defibrillator, you could be part of 70% of UK defibrillators not known to the emergency services. That means there are tens of thousands of defibrillators not used in emergencies. Registering an AED on the UK database, used by the emergency services, can be completed online at

Brian Gill General Manager Napoleons Casino Sheffield

Brian Gill – General Manager at Napoleons Casino Sheffield

“Napoleons Sheffield is an ideal location for a publicly available defibrillator. It’s a busy area of the city and while we hope no one ever needs to use it, ambulances will be able to locate our defib via the national register.” Brian Gill, General Manager, Napoleons Casino Sheffield.

Awareness of the causes of cardiac arrest is increasing. Personal stories shared by celebrities can make a big impact on people’s understanding. Musician Ellie Goulding, for instance, recently discovered she had a heart condition. Sports personalities like Danish footballer Christian Eriksen, who collapsed during the Euro 2020 championship against Finland, are another seemingly young, fit, and healthy group surviving cardiac arrest because of defibrillator availability.

Barry Bradley General Manager Napoleons Casino Bradford

Barry Bradley – General Manager at Napoleons Casino Bradford

“Cardiac arrest can strike at any time, at any age, and without warning. Without a defib, the chance of survival is distressingly low. Napoleons can look after this lifesaving equipment and make sure it’s always ready to do its job.” Barry Bradley, General Manager, Napoleons Casino Bradford.

Communities can apply for a Public Access Defibrillator via the British Heart Foundation. Rural and locations with high footfall and a clear need for a device, are very likely to receive support.

Debbie Phillips at Napoleons Casino Manchester

Debbie Phillips at Napoleons Casino Manchester

“Adding another lifesaving AED to Manchester city centre has the potential to save a lot of lives. While Napoleons are the ‘keepers’ of this equipment, the defib itself is now part of the Manchester community.” Debbie Phillips, General Manager, Napoleons Casino Manchester.

The imperative now, is to make sure defibrillators are available to first responders across the UK.

*Source: Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust