Unfortunately tables cannot be booked in advance for drinks only and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Napoleons operate a strict ‘Challenge 21’ policy which means that if you are lucky enough to look under 21, you will need to provide valid ID to prove that you are over 18.
Please note we operate Challenge 25 in our Manchester casino.

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Manchester Nightlife: What is There to Do in The City?

If you’ve never experienced Manchester nightlife before, you are certainly missing a treat. Famous for its bustling nightlife scene and its fantastic selection of restaurants and eateries, the city is also hugely popular for its events and sporting facilities. Napoleons is proud to open its latest venue in Manchester this year. We look forward to welcoming more and more people to our fantastic facilities and event services – and to transforming nights out for the better. Are you looking for things to do in Manchester?

Manchester is a city which never seems to wind down. There’s always something bright and breezy going on, and what’s more, it’s a city which is guaranteed to deliver fantastic memories for years and years to come. If you’re planning to visit Napoleons in Manchester soon, here are a few more hotspots you might want to head to along the way.

Take in a Comedy Show

As well as offering some of the region’s best-loved bars and clubs, you’ll also find Manchester to be a superb entertainment centre. For example, you’ll find regular open mic nights and comedy events taking place up in the city’s Northern Quarter, with The Frog and Bucket perhaps being the most popular venue built for purpose. If you want to start your night out with a laugh or two, it makes sense to head somewhere famous for giving people the giggles.

A cursory glance online will tell you that there are more than a few comedy clubs and venues from corner to corner in Manchester. However, do also keep a look out for events and things to do in Manchester at Napoleons from season to season, too. Keep a close eye on our upcoming events online through our website and via our social media, too.

Anyone for Ping Pong?

Believe it or not, a genuine staple of Manchester nightlife in 2020 is ping pong. While casual sports bars have been opening up across the north for a while now, Manchester really takes table tennis under its wing. This is to the extent that there are actually several dedicated ping pong venues in the city, some of which will also offer you pool action, and the chance to try a true US staple – beer pong!

Clubs such as Roxy Ball Room, which has expanded from West Yorkshire, are easy to find. You might also want to check out Twenty Twenty Two, a bespoke club that offers its own art gallery and events zone. Of course, it also has its own table tennis and ping pong table set up. While we at Napoleons can’t guarantee you a spot on any kind of ping pong table at our own venue, we can offer you brilliant table games of an altogether different kind!

Pull an All-Nighter

Manchester nightlife is heaving partly thanks to the sheer number of unique bars, clubs, and venues across the city. 

You might want to hang around in the Northern Quarter after a comedy gig to check out the Mint Lounge, which is a laid-back club appealing to music lovers interested in all genres. Dive NQ, elsewhere in the Northern Quarter, is also a great spot for late-night revelry and fun, as well as creative drinks and sports events on the big screen.

Napoleons, too, works hard to create a fantastic party atmosphere with a luxury touch. We’re proud to offer a huge range of cocktails exclusive to our brand, as well as popular drinks and menus built to appeal to Manchester revellers from all corners. What’s more, if you really want to let your hair down in an upmarket lounge, we’re certain our Manchester venue will offer you everything you’re looking for.

Look for Late Night Cuisine

Manchester nightlife also opens up wide to those who are looking for late night eats. If you’re worrying that you’re heading out on the tiles with too empty a stomach, there are plenty of different restaurants and venues offering delicious late-night platters.

Dive NQ, as mentioned above, serves huge plates of food until late, offering street food from out east until around 10pm. Prefer pizza? You might want to take a look out at Matt and Phred’s, a lounge which offers Italian food until midnight, against a backdrop of jazz music to ease you in.

Of course, Napoleons offers a fantastic array of restaurant cuisine, too! Why not sample our exclusive restaurant lounge and menus? You can take a look at our cuisines and drinks options online. What’s more, you can book tables as part of nights out and parties long before you head to our venue. Take advantage of a delicious party package.

Napoleons: Manchester Nightlife’s New Stand-Out Venue

If you’re looking for things to do in Manchester which really stand out from the usual pubs and clubs, you really need look no further than a full casino night. Napoleons offers party services, live games, slot machines and more. There really hasn’t ever been a better excuse or time to dress up and to take a Manchester night out to a luxury new level.

We’re pleased to be heading to Manchester, having set up fabulous casinos and lounges across the north. In the months to come, you will be able to add a trip to the casino to your list of must-do activities in the city. Why not start now by taking a closer look at the venue online? You can book future trips with us online so you can always beat the rush.

Napoleons is an established purveyor of a truly spectacular casino experience. Add us to your perfect Manchester nightlife experience and we’ll always be happy to welcome you. Stuck for things to do in Manchester? A little research goes a long way!