Unfortunately tables cannot be booked in advance for drinks only and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Napoleons operate a strict ‘Challenge 21’ policy which means that if you are lucky enough to look under 21, you will need to provide valid ID to prove that you are over 18.
Please note we operate Challenge 25 in our Manchester casino.

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Looking for Upcoming Events in Manchester? Take Part in Our Moon Festival Celebrations

Plenty of people would probably like summer to stick around a bit longer – but there are actually many things to look forward to in the autumn and winter too. Not only do we have Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas, but there are also a handful of festivals which take place from September onwards. One look at Manchester upcoming events will tell you that if there’s any chance of a celebration, you can bet the city will be ready to let its hair down!

Napoleons Casino is going to be heading to Manchester this September. We shall soon be unveiling our fantastic new casino lounge, restaurant, and bar service to the city. Why not come and sample the new facilities during our upcoming Moon Festival Celebrations? Across Sunday 27th and Monday 28th September, we shall be hosting a handful of displays and events to help you bring in the new season in some considerable style.

Looking for new things to do near Manchester this autumn? Here’s a taste of what we’re going to have on offer when we bring the Autumn Moon Festival to the city this September.


Sunday 27th: First Night of the Moon Festival

Sunday 27th September will be the first day of the Autumn Moon, and we shall be welcoming the new season with spectacular décor. Napoleons Manchester will be alight with traditional lanterns, decorations in red and gold, and all the glitter and glamour you’d come to expect from a luxury Eastern celebration.

Amid the lanterns and the wonderful displays, we shall be hosting a traditional Lion Dance just outside the main venue for you to marvel at. It’s a great way to step out of the everyday, and to welcome a season that too many people assume is just going to be drab and dreary!

To help mark the first night, our hard-working kitchen team will offer complimentary cuisine for guests to enjoy. You can come along and marvel at the displays, help yourself to some delectable menu delights, and even enjoy a selection of free drinks. We shall complete the culinary picture with a serving of traditional, individually wrapped moon cakes.

At midnight, we shall unveil the lucky winner of our first Autumn Moon Prize Draw. You could be in with a chance of winning a big cash prize, a brand new iPad, or a brand new iPhone.

We shall also be sharing random prizes from our electronic roulette and slot games.

If you’re looking for memorable things to do around Manchester this September, come along and celebrate the Autumn Moon with us at Napoleons Casino.


Monday 28th: The Second Day

Of course, because ours is a two-day celebration, we shall also be lining up all kinds of fun for Monday 28th September. On the second day of the Moon Festival, we shall host a further Midnight Prize Draw – once again, with cash prizes and brand new Apple technology to give away to entrants. As with the maiden night of the celebration, you’ll also have the chance to play for random slots and electronic roulette prizes, and to sample traditional wrapped moon cakes at the venue.

What makes this two-day celebration one of the most interesting Manchester upcoming events is that it’ll take place in our brand new venue. What better way to sample the city’s latest casino facilities than with a cultural celebration? We aim to show off the best of what our Manchester casino will have to offer, while creating brilliant memories for all of our guests.

On the second day, we may also be hosting local entertainment for our visitors – meaning we encourage you to watch this space for further news. Napoleons is at the forefront of city entertainment across the north of England – and soon, we shall look forward to bringing the best in casino entertainment to the people of Manchester.


What is the Moon Festival?

While making sure you’re free for Manchester upcoming events at our city casino, why not take a closer look at the history of the Autumn Moon Festival? A traditional celebration across the East, this festival usually takes place between September and October in the modern calendar. It is generally celebrated in China, though there are also variations on the festival across Japan and South Korea.

This is a time of year when people celebrate togetherness and give thanks for a bountiful harvest. This coincides with the end of the year’s crop-growing, meaning it is something of a closing ceremony. It is during this time that many people will also choose to pray and worship for personal development, or even for fertility.

Worship of the moon dates all the way back to ancient China. The roots of this worship lie in the fact that many people regard the moon as a strong symbol of rejuvenation. Some may even associate it with fertility, as stated, and many families would traditionally make offerings to the moon in return for blessings of children.

In the modern age, the celebration is generally marked with traditional lanterns, lion dances, incense and more besides. There is a lot of colour and tradition in these celebrations! That’s why we’re so excited to bring our own unique turn on events to the people of Manchester in the coming weeks.


Come Celebrate With Us

By late September, we shall have our Moon Festival décor and timetable ready to welcome our new visitors. If you’re looking for interesting Manchester upcoming events, or things to do near Manchester which combine big visual displays, gaming fun and much more besides, be sure to make space in your diary for us!

Napoleons Manchester is set to bring luxury gaming, dining, and hospitality to a wonderful, diverse city. Offering our celebrated service and leisure standards to a whole new population is very exciting – and we can’t wait to welcome you all to our safe Moon Festival offerings in a few weeks’ time.