Unfortunately tables cannot be booked in advance for drinks only and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Napoleons operate a strict ‘Challenge 21’ policy which means that if you are lucky enough to look under 21, you will need to provide valid ID to prove that you are over 18.
Please note we operate Challenge 25 in our Manchester casino.

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Group Bookings

Reservations for up to 7 people can be made via online booking. For dinner bookings of 8 or more people please call the restaurant. Get the contact details here.

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Napoleons Casinos and Restaurants

7 Reasons Our Restaurants Are Some of the Best Places to Eat

If you’ve ever visited a Napoleons Casino before, you’ll know that we offer more than just table games, cards, and slots. We provide a superb entertainment and leisure service across the board. As well as supporting world-class games at our various venues, our casinos remain some of the best places to eat in cities across the north of England. While heading out on a gaming evening or a special event to celebrate a birthday or a works do, you can combine the thrill of the Vegas experience alongside a delicious platter of food and sparkling drinks.

But why else should you take the time to look at eating out at a Napoleons Casino? With several landmark locations open to the public, we are always proud to serve some truly sumptuous menus to our visitors. In fact, you may find that our restaurants and dining suites offer a superb alternative to some of the more common dining brands across the UK. Here are a few great reasons why you should consider Napoleons the next time you’re searching for places to eat.


We Offer a Range of Cuisines

Whether you love eastern cuisine or something a little closer to home, we’re always happy to help. Our menus are tailored to various tastes and world cuisines, meaning that we feel we offer some of the best culinary choices at gaming and leisure locations across the UK.

Whether you want to try our take on an old favourite or something completely different, the dining menu is yours to pore through. Why not take a chance on something a little out of the box the next time you and your friends go eating out?


A Sparkling Selection of Drinks

Alongside our fantastic restaurant services and menus, Napoleons is keen to provide a superb array of drinks offerings. Whether you’re heading out to enjoy a few beers, looking for a late night drink or prefer to take a look at bubbly and wine menus, there’s plenty of choice. Napoleons stocks some of the best-loved drinks and cocktail recipes from all over the world. Therefore, if you fancy something a little bit different to the same old cider or bitter on draught, all you have to do is ask.

Sparkling drinks and tipples are available to you as part of a wonderful at-table service. What’s more, you will be able to sample a stunning selection of drinks from the Napoleons bar at any time. Fancy something a little special while dining with us? Ask to see the full wine list or champagne options.


Try Our Top Packages

Want to combine the best of gaming, drinks, and food in one package? Napoleons is proud to offer a ‘Dine In Style’ service. This is our signature offering to guests, meaning that if you’d like to sample our cuisine, drinks, cards and gaming, you can combine it all in a cost-effective package deal.

This package will enable you to start playing games with a £5 chip, and you’ll also have access to a delectable three-course meal. Not only that, but anyone sampling this offer will also receive a drink on arrival. There’s nothing better than to dine in style – what do you think?


An Establishment Like No Other

Dining at Napoleons is a world away from heading to the same old restaurants and gastropubs. Perfect for date night and for larger parties, we support stunning restaurant surroundings built to complement our casino floors. Our friendly staff are attentive and available to support you throughout your meal and drinks. What’s more, the memorable, classic décor will ensure you settle deeply into a sophisticated and fulfilling evening.

Napoleons stand apart from the restaurant pack both in terms of cuisine selection and in terms of service. Our team goes all out to create a stylish, welcoming environment which will ensure you easily slide into the games lounge with panache.


Serving ‘til Late

How many city gaming and dining locations serve until late? Our teams understand that guests will likely feel hungry long into their visits. That’s why our culinary teams and creators will work hard to provide snacks and light bites long into the early hours. Table and slot games can really drive up an appetite and rather than pen yourself into a restaurant booking where you’ll have to vacate sooner than you’d like, give Napoleons a try.


Catered to You

Do you have a specific dietary requirement? Whether you have food allergies or are looking for vegan cuisine, our chefs and serving staff will always be on hand to help you when eating out at Napoleons. What sets our casino restaurants apart even further as brilliant places to eat is the fact that we will be ready to welcome all tastes and culinary requirements.

Simply ask if you’d like to try a particular delicacy but require a twist on the dish to suit your needs. Want to try one of our famous dishes gluten-free? Keen to try a dairy-free twist or two? All you have to do is ask.


First-Class Care All Evening

Just as you can expect the best care and support on our casino floors, our restaurant teams work hard to welcome you into a stylish, attentive, and friendly atmosphere. As well as benefiting from an opulent venue and surroundings, our teams do all they can to support guest needs and requirements.

Make sure to book with us beforehand if you have any specific questions or requirements. Do also make sure to ask for help from our staff at any time during your visit. It’s our aim to create a first-class dining and leisure experience which you can truly relax into.

There’s more to Napoleons than just casino games. We’re establishing ourselves as some of the most stylish places to eat from city to city. Why not take a look at what’s on offer at your local casino?